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Video abspielen choreography and dance
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Video abspielen
"Re Show" - A Multimedia Dance Theatre Creation
Kontrastmoment GmbH
Musik Composition & Sound Design
ADC Bronze 
Reddot Design 
German Design Award
iF Design Award was created for the 15th anniversary of kontrastmoment GmbH. The multimedia dance theatre creation combines modern dance choreography with extraordinary video projections and light design on a three dimensional stage. The show tells the story about a society that is looking for a way out of desperation back to harmony, hope and spiritual roots. My work for this project was to write and compose the music for the live show. The soundtrack contains 11 tracks that musically reflects the story and provides the rhythmical basis for the dance choreography.
The Show won an ADC Award, a Red Dot Award, German Design Award and iF Design Award.
More information:
Soundtrack is available on streaming and download portals like Spotify.
Idea: Andreas Waldenmaier
Concept & Artistic Direction:
Andreas Waldenmaier & Sanja Ristic 
Production: Kontrastmoment GmbH
Creative Direction: Sanja Ristic
Stage Direction & Choreography: Sanja Ristic
Co-Choreography: Jorge Garcia Perez
Costumes: Layla Mueller, Sewing Katrin Bobek
Makeup: Elena Reischl Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist
Hair: Eva Förster
Music & Score: Alexander Naevecke
Violin With And By: Mariana Beleaeva
Dancers : Marie Bourjala, Chiung-Yao Chiu, Paulo Albert, Max Cake Levy, Dario Rigaglia, Kristina Shiderova,Alexander Stavropoulos
the linked video-material on this website is copyright-protected by Kontrastmoment GmbH.
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